For Account Managers

Unveil New Market Opportunities and Keep Track of Your Current Accounts

Staying on top of the new market trends can be challenging and time consuming.
Luckily our Ai is well trained to help you identify potential opportunities within your target industry, and keep you updated on all your clients moves.

Very intelligent research tool. It helped me build a better relationships with my key contacts.

Strategic Account Manager of an IT Firm

For VP of Sales

Take Advantage of Enki's Insights to Engage More With Your Prospects

We know how much you value engaging with clients.
That's why we designed Enki to help your sales team get a deeper understanding of your prospects every step of the way.

Before, we used 7 different sources to research and learn about our clients' businesses. Now with Enki's solution, we do it 2 times faster.

Executive VP of Global Sales of an IOT Company

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