Revenue teams use Enki to find the next perfect customer

Accelerate your sales cycle and increase your win ratio by finding accounts and key decision-makers with purchasing intent.

Single-out your ideal target accounts

Determine target companies that need your solution with the highest sales potential. Rank them based on your product fit criteria with the Enki account heatmap.

Know who to contact

Identify key decision-makers, their initiatives, pain points, and projects.
Find their talking points to personalize your outreach.

Prepare your sales pitch to close fast

Learn about strategic initiatives, growth, and wins.
Find out the best business opportunities that fit your unique selling points.

Business development teams use Enki to track the market and competitors

Get strategic updates on your accounts and competitors. Understand their next moves based on partnership activities, investment trends, and share of voice.

Analyze competition to outmaneuver them

Capture competitor activity, partnerships, investments and acquisitions, growth opportunities, and top projects.

Discover gaps in competitive offerings to identify new revenue opportunities

Identify underserved segments and customers with high sales potential for your product with the Enki market heatmap ranking.

Monitor your competitors at all times to stay ahead

Maintain a real-time picture of your competitors’ activities -  partnerships, recent wins, awards, hiring, and executive moves.

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