Enki Intent Package

Identify and predict ready-to-buy prospects. Rank the prospects through cross-reference checks. Provide sales intelligence and prospects’ contact information.

Enki Intent

□  Intent with Cross Reference Check

Enki Intelligence

  Pain Points

□  Executive Talking Points

□  Key Decision Makers

□  Recent Wins

□  Partnerships 

Data Enrichment 

  Competitive Intelligence 

  Buying Signals

Support and Training 

Unlimited users 


Quarterly Cost (90 days): $2400
-  20% Annual SaaS Discount
- 15% Special Ligl Discount incl.
- Unlimited users for Ligl incl (any marketing, product, and sales teams).
- For top 50 prospects every month
Enki Competitive Analysis & Monitoring, Contact Information (emails and LinkedIn URLs) could be included with additional cost.