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Overview #

EnkiAI has two distinct modules: EnkiSCAN and EnkiREAD.  


EnkiREAD #

EnkiREAD reads the full web, such as company websites, blogs, industry magazines, and LinkedIn. It’s not limited to any news outlets. It provides relevant insights on Key Decision Makers, Executive Talking Points and offers extensive and detailed research. Following API documentation is only for fast crawling and excludes EnkiREAD. EnkiREAD is exclusively provided through the Enki UI and CSV export at this moment. If requested, it can be made available through batch job APIs.


EnkiSCAN #

EnkiSCAN is a news API designed for sales and marketing teams. It provides a fast crawling experience and returns news on targeted companies instantly. An optional vertical can be selected to further slice the data. EnkiSCAN, a simple HTTP REST API, can scan more than 20,000 news publishers and blogs. The following API documentation provides details on EnkiSCAN. 

While there are many news APIs in the market, EnkiSCAN differentiates itself with personalization and sales readiness. Users could define their own ‘customers’, ‘competitors’, ‘target verticals’ through personalization. Sales readiness means users can identify ‘pain points’, ‘investments’, ‘strategic initiatives’, ‘executive moves’, ‘executive insights’ automatically without any additional inputs. Users can browse ‘pain points of their clients’ or ‘recent executive moves of their competitors’ without spending extra time. 

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