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    20 companies during the pilot period, with Enki intelligence reports and persona data. 1 Enki Administration License to run the intelligence reports, unlimited user licenses, Training and Onboarding the clients’ team members, provide support during the pilot period. The client could purchase additional company reports during the period. Please see the Statement of Work below.

    Pilot Period: 30 days

    Pilot Fee: $200.00

    Statement of Work

    The company will provide:

    • 1 Administrator account to run Enki Intelligence reports
    • Onboarding and training sessions for the customers’ selected employees
    • Enki Intelligence Reports to find, discover top corporations
    • Support and training to identify “Solution Attributes” and “Ideal Job Titles”
    • Unlimited user access to read the Enki Intelligence reports

    The customer will provide:

    • Name(s) and e-mail(s) of employee(s) to train and onboard
    • Target Verticals
    • Ideal Job Titles
    • Corporate presentation/customer deck to identify the “Solution Attributes” for selected vertical
    • Feedback on Enki Intelligence Reports
    • Optional: Competitors if the clients want to include competitive analysis

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    Starts at 20 companies during the pilot period 

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